Intro to France - Part 1, February 2022

Intro to France - Part 1, February 2022


Thursdays 6:00-8:00pm

February 10th, 17th & 24th


France is one of the most important winemaking countries in the world, with some of the most iconic wines found anywhere.  In this class get to know the important wines and historic regions of France.  Take all 6 Intro to France classes (Intro to France Parts 1 & 2) and receive the Vinolust France Explorer certificate! 


In this 3-part class we cover the following primary wine regions:


Class #1: Champagne & Alsace - February 10th

The beautiful bubbles of Champagne are synonymous with luxury and celebration, and for good reason.  Learn more about what makes Champagne so unique, it's history and styles.  Then travel onto the beautiful eastern region of Alsace and explore the incredible elegant and food friendly wines that define this beautiful area.


Class #2: Loire Valley - February 17th

An expansive and beautiful region of France that is home to a wonderfully diverse collections of grapes and wine styles.  In this class visit the châteaux and taste the wines from the center Loire to the coast!


Class #3: Burgundy - February 24th

Perhaps the most prestigious region of France!  One of the most revered, but also one of the most complicated to understand.  Demystify these iconic wines by tasting and getting to know the basics of why they are great, and how to pick the right ones!


Take the full three class series at a discounted rate, or register for individual classes.

Take all six Intro to France Classes (Intro to France Parts 1 & 2) and receive the Vinolust France Explorer certificate!