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Exclusively for Great Park Neighborhood Residents

In conjunction with Neptune School of Wine 

Vinolust is proud to offer consumer wine 'edutainment' classes that are aimed at providing knowledge and expertise about wine that you can take with you to your next cocktail party or wow your dinner guests with in a fun and relaxed environment.  The classes below are exclusive to Great Park Neighborhood Residents.


Learn all about the world of wine while tasting wines from around the world!   These classes are for wine enthusiasts and novices alike.  Each 90-minute class we will taste through 6 different wines selected around a particular theme like region, style or grape variety and explore the history and context of each wine to better understand what makes it taste the way it does. These sessions are fun-filled educational experiences to help hone and enhance your wine palate.

Classes include 90 minutes of instruction, guided tasting through 6 different wines and a printout to take home.  Limited to 20 participants.  Participants are welcome to bring snacks to accompany their tasting experience, just please nothing overly aromatic!

Classes are $65 per person, and take place at
Novel Park House
385 Novel, Irvine, CA 92618

Upcoming Classes

Exploring Italy
Wednesday, October 20th @6:00pm

It's time to take a visit to the land of wine!  In Italy, wine is part of culture, and every region has its own unique grape, style and wine that matches the people and the place!  With so much to explore, this class takes an overview look at some of the most classic wines of Italy, while diving into where they come from and what makes them unique.

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Chardonnay & Pinot Noir
Wednesday, November 17th @6:00pm

These are two of the most popular grapes in the world for a very good reason!  They can truly express the unique style and terroir of everywhere they are made around the world.  This class we learn all about these wines as we taste three different versions of each from different wine regions across the globe.

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Neptune School of Wine/Vinolust Classes for Great Park Neighborhood Cancellation and Exchange Policy

Class purchases may be refunded by written request up to 14 days prior to class. Transfers or credits can be requested up to 48 hours prior to class.  Requests received less than 48 hours prior to class will not be eligible for credit or transfer.  Please see cancellation policy for further detail.