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WSET Level 2 in Mandarin                 WSET ® 葡萄酒第二级认证

WSET Level 2 in Mandarin WSET ® 葡萄酒第二级认证



  • It is highly recommended to have completed the WSET Level 1 course.
  • Individuals with extensive personal tasting experience but without formal certification or professional background seeking a structured learning approach to consolidate their knowledge.
  • Enhance understanding of different regional characteristics and styles of wine or apply an international tasting system to accumulate tasting experience.


  • 强烈建议修毕WSET 第一级课程。
  • 无相关官方认证或工作背景,但个人品饮经验丰富,需要一套正规学习方式来统整已拥有的知识。
  • 串联逻辑与观念,加强各产区风味与风格,或应用国际品饮系统来累积品饮经验。

    Dates: May 11, May 18, May 25, 2024 (Exam at end of 3rd class)
    Registration must be completed 2 weeks before class starts to guarantee materials. Materials will be handed out at the first class session.
    Time: 9:30 am ~ 4:15 pm

    上课地点 :  尔湾 (3190-A Airport Loop Drive, Costa Mesa, CA  92626)
    上课日期 : 2024 年5 月11 日, 5 月18 日,5 月25 日。 (测验于5/25 课程结束后举行)

    上课时间 : 9:30 am ~ 4:15 pm (第三堂课含课后测验60 分钟)


    Registrations cancelled for this course will be processed in accordance with the school's general cancellation and refund policy. These general rules appear at the bottom of this website as "Cancellation Policy"

    此课程之取消和退款规定, 将依照学校取消和退款通用 总则来办理。此总则将于本 网站之最下方 ”取消政策” 顯现。


    To register for the exam, please include your English full name as it appears on your ID, along with your birthdate in the checkout notes. If you are purchasing for someone else, use the participating student's name and provide their email and mailing
    address in the notes.

    *为了登记官方测验,请在报名时"checkout"备注中填写您的英文全名(需与您ID的名字一致),并填入您的出生年月日。若您是帮别人报名, 请填写该学生的名字,并提供该学生的电子邮件和邮寄地址于"checkout"备注中。

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