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WSET Level 4
Diploma in Wines


View the next Diploma Induction (Unit D1) here

The Neptune School of Wine is pleased to offer the WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines.


The classes are taught by Peter Neptune MS along with guest lecturers, and offer students an opportunity to study and taste in preparation for the Diploma Exams.

The WSET Level 4 Diploma is WSET’s flagship qualification, it is designed to provide expert level knowledge in all aspects of wines deepening your understanding of how and why wine production
and business factors influence the style, quality, and price of wines. Successful graduates acquire exceptional analytical skills and proficiency in evaluative wine tasting and are well-prepared to progress to the Master of Wine program. Upon successful completion you will receive a WSET certificate and lapel pin, and will be able to use the post nominal DipWSET and associated
WSET certified logo.


To get an overview of the Diploma Program please read the Diploma Specification Guide (available on the WSET website). The Specification Guide explains Diploma in depth and outlines the program syllabus.

All Diploma Students should get hold of and read "Viticulture," by Stephen Skelton MW (available through or Amazon) and "Understanding Wine Technology," by David Bird MW (available through Amazon).

You should also have a copy of the Oxford Companion to Wine and the Sothebys Encyclopedia of Wine.

In addition, I highly recommend that you procure a copy of a new book called "Wine Myths and Reality" by Benjamin Lewin MW.

Below are the links to each of the Units for the Diploma, and the associated assessments.  The registration of each unit gives you 1 free exam try.  If you take these via class format it takes 2- 3 years to complete the Diploma Program once the Unit Exams have been successfully passed.

New Diploma Unit Structure:


D1 : Wine Production

D2: The Business of Wine

D3: Light Wines of the World

D4: Sparkling Wines

D5: Fortified Wines

D6: Independent Research Assignment

You should also read the Diploma Specification. Click HERE to go to the WSET website..

For Questions, Please contact

* WSET qualifications are part of the UK qualifications framework, and the education courses leading to WSET qualifications are an invaluable source of information for students to enhance their knowledge of wines and spirits. WSET qualifications are not a guarantee of employment or career progression, nor do they form part of any regulated qualifications framework outside UK.
Prices are valid for courses and exams offered during the academic year ending July 31, 2024 and are subject to change without notice.

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