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WSET Registration in San Diego

As the San Diego County approved Satellite and student of Peter Neptune, Master Sommelier, Neptune School of Wine, Lindsay Pomeroy of The Wine Smarties is the first person in the San Diego County to offer such an esteemed certification. This is very exciting for San Diego County. All course materials, program syllabus, examinations and registration are overseen by Peter Neptune of Neptune School of wine, WSET CENTRE 838: Neptune School of Wine.

WSET Level 2 Award in Wines Online Course

Get certified in wines from the comfort of your own home!

In light of our global situation, Wine Smarties is excited to begin offering the WSET Level 2 course online.  The WSET Level 2 Award in Wines online covers the exact same material, but we will be doing it online via Zoom (a free online video conferencing app) allowing you greater flexibility to your schedule and also accommodate for recent self-quarantined conditions.  With the interactive zoom online meeting tool, we can talk real time and even taste wines together as we do in live classrooms as a Master of Wine (yours truly) guides you!


The WSET Level 2 course online or live offers the student a solid foundation to the world of wine. We cover the most important grapes, regions and styles of wines in the world and taste examples to connect the dots.  We explore why wines taste different around the world and identify the main characteristics of different grapes and styles.

Many students have said it has helped them in their careers by improving their jobs or just giving them confidence in wine, as well as becoming a more informed wine buyer.  The WSET course is very structured and each student gets a course book, study guide and of course me as their instructor! I provide homework assignments. You’ll learn about production, key labeling terminology, tasting techniques, and major classifications to help you identify wines with confidence. I have over 11 years of teaching these courses and am a Master of Wine so you will be in good hands!  The course lasts 5 weeks and the 6th week is the live in-person exam.  

Level 2 Online Live Class sessions:

Online classes meet from 6-10pm (note, they will be recorded so you do not need to attend the dates but can view later).
Class Dates: Monday April 27, May 4, 11, Thursday May 21, 28, Live In-person Exam Thursday June 11th in San Diego.

NOTE: If you want to do the course more leisurely, there will be option to take the live exam on August 10th with my San Diego Group or on August 4th in Temecula.

Level 2 Online Course Pricing

The Level 2 Certification costs $590 for the teaching, books, and the exam.

Note: Wines are not included in the price above, however, I have negotiated with my retail partner JC Select Wines to get you the required wines for the course and she can ship them to your house or pick up if locally.  You DO need to purchase at least 8 of them which will cost around $155 plus shipping.  When you enroll I will send you the details of how this works, but it’s really convenient! 

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